The Growing Room– Infant Care

Our Growing Room provides care for children ages 6 weeks through approximately 14-15 months.  Our Infant/ Young Toddler curriculum provided under the HighScope framework is based on the needs and development of each individual child and focus on basic self-care and life skills.



The Blue Skies Room- Toddler Care

Our Blue Skies Room provides care for children approximately 14-15 months to 3 years.  To be considered for placement in this classroom the child must be able to walk unassisted and self-feed.  Our Toddler curriculum provided under the HighScope framework is based on experiencing the world through play.  Children will use learning centers (areas of the room set aside for specific tasks) to explore the world around them using  different modalities to help them build their skills or knowledge.


The Sunshine Room-Preschool Care

Our preschool room provides care for children ages 3,4 to 5 years.   Class time consists of learning experiences conducted both formally and informally through free play, group meetings, games, experiments, stories, music, art and craft activities, large motor activities, field trips, and outdoor play.  Our curriculum includes lessons in language, mathematics, science activities, health, nutrition, and safety activities under the framework of the HighScope Curriculum.


Parish House- SchoolAge Care

Our Parish house provides  a before and after school program for children in the Penns Valley Area School District.

Programming is available for ages Pre-K through Sixth grade. Full day programs are available on school in-service, holidays and snow days. Summer Day Camp offers a  variety of activities balanced with the need to be a summer loving kid. Our school age curriculum is based on the interests of the students, but will support the learning that is happening in school.  We will also work on building good communication and life skills as outlined by the Search Institutes 40 Developmental  Assets.


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